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The UK Remains a Global Leader for Vaccinations

The United Kingdom remains number 2 in the world for vaccine doses per 100 people. In the UK 31.8 million people, or at least 47.6% of the population, have had a first vaccine dose. Forecasts predict that 75% of the population can be fully immunised in the UK by the first week in August – with all adults being offered a COVID-19 vaccine by July 31st.

With such strong progress on the vaccine roll-out and the roadmap out of lockdown, we remain hopeful that more positive changes are on the horizon.

Travelling to BUIC

Travelling to ICD

Travelling to UGIC

Travelling to DMUIC


  • The Pie News (updated 15 Apr 2021)

Canada to offer permanent residence to 40,000 international grads

Canada has announced a pathway to residency for some 40,000 international graduates of Canadian institutions who will “actively contribute” to the country’s economy.



  • Kaplan International Pathways (updated 15 Apr 2021)

International Year One Plus starting July 2021

An International Year One (IYO) Plus is similar to the conventional International Year One, but with additional university preparation. It’s a great choice if you’ve completed year 11 or 12 at high school, and want your course to lead straight into the 2nd year of your chosen bachelor’s degree in September 2022.

The International Year One Plus is currently available in Business, leading to the 2nd year of a related degree at a number of excellent UK universities. International Year One Plus | Kaplan International Pathways (kaplanpathways.com)

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